International Congress of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in webinar

Title: Acupuncture for neurological and rheumatological patient
                           May 15-16-17

We are very pleased to invite you to the IV International Congress of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Romania which this year will be ONLINE due to the current situation. This is thus the first European acupuncture conference organized as webinar by the ‘Association of Chinese Medicine and Romanian Acupuncture (AMCA),’ in collaboration with the ‘Italian Acupuncture Association (AIA)’, the ‘Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad ‘and the ‘Medical College of Arad’.
The event will be attended by great representatives of traditional Chinese medicine, coming from: ITALY - ROMANIA - CHINA - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - GERMANY and GREECE.
The event, in its fourth edition, has by now become a fixed focus point for European acupuncturists.
Take advantage of this important event that also gives you the opportunity to meet authoritative exponents of this discipline.
The entire Congress will be recorded on the Zoom platform, in order to allow those who will not be able to be present, in part or completely, to follow it in full.
The times of the Congress have been chosen taking into account the differences in the time zones amongst the participating countries.



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