Taoist Hand Acupuncture

"Hello everyone, my name is Portia Barnblatt-Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in U.S. I have been practicing since 1996 and have received TCM education both in U.S & China.
I am an honorable board member for several TCM organizations in China. I have been working closely with TCM physicians in China within the past ten years and have translated a few books for TCM University & publishing house in China. I have been bringing students and physicians from America and Europe to China for study and hospital internship. I served as a Research Acupuncturist for Post Open-Heart Surgery Patients at UCSF in mid-2000 as well as the chief Acupuncture Doctor in East-West Integrated Medical Clinic of SF hospital. I am a member of Acupuncturist Without Borders of U.S. team and have volunteered my service worldwide. Currently, I am practicing at 2 private clinics in SF and travel worldwide to provide TCM educations”.
This special Hand Acupuncture system is based on ancient Taoist Acupuncture Theory, different from the Korean or Chinese Tung technique.It has been handed down for many years from ancient Chinese Taoist masters. It regulates the whole body system and it is especially good for Pain. I would like to invite you to join me in this live webinar.
Thank you.”   Dr. Portia Barnblat , DAOM , L.A.C , USA

Duration: eight hours

Each participant will have the opportunity to treat one of his patients online, with the "hand in hand" approach, dealing with the first case in a guided and safe way.

Educational Goal:
By the end of this Class, you will be able to apply this method to your daily practice immediately.

Course program:

1. Introduction of this Special Taoist Hand Acupuncture system.
2. 3-Section & Body Mapping Theories
3. Main Characteristics
4. Detailed Point Locations-the Core of this course
5. Five Most Important & Useful Points.
6. Needling technique demonstration
7. Live patient demonstration
8. Common Treatments: Headache, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, TFL Injury, Femoral Nerve Entrapment, Knee Joint Pain, Rhinitis, Heart Problem, Gastrointestinal Regulation, Aphasia due to Apoplexy sequelae.
9. Live question answering. Students can practice on themselves or work on a patient. 

Certificate: Diploma in Taoist Manopuncture issued by the Italian Acupuncture Association.


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