Acupuncture facelift


Theoretical and practical course of facelift acupuncture


Teacher: Dr. Weixun Wang, president of the "International Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine" (Beijing)


Acupuncture facelift:

This treatment helps to correct all the unaesthetic blemishes of the skin, face and neck caused by wrinkles, scars and, in general, all signs of ageing. This is not a run of the mill course in Aesthetic Acupuncture, but something totally innovative, well known also in the West, which guarantees impressive long lasting results that change completely a face expression.

The course will be taught by Dr. Wang, one of the leading experts of ‘Aesthetic Acupuncture’ worldwide.

Date: 26-28 May, 2023
C.E.R.D.O via Maglani Sabina, 23 Rome (IT).
10:00 am -18:00 pm
Theoretical and hands-on course: all participants will treat a patient under hand-in-hand’ supervision, and will gain confidence in applying this method right from ‘patient one’.
Admission: the course is designed for medical doctors and dentists, and does not require any previous training in Acupuncture.

Certification: “Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine” (Beijing) and “Italian Association of Acupuncture”





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